1944 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1M5

p.604 732 1322
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Because Fable sources its product locally, the menu is subject to change depending on the season.
WEEKDAY brunch

Every great story needs a beginning. Our story began with Trevor Bird. While competing on Season 2 of Top Chef Canada during the ever popular “Restaurant Wars” episode, Trevor came up with the name for the team’s farm to table restaurant concept: FABLE. The vision was born. The perfect location was found that shared the vision of an open kitchen where the kitchen team could interact with guests while showcasing their talents.

The next step was finding someone the vision could be shared with to help bring Fable to life. Where else, but online… “Chef looking for front of house partner”. Kathy Schleyer forwarded the ad to Ron MacGillivray. Trevor and Ron met for the 1 st time over coffee. After two hours of getting to know each other, the vision was shared. Within three weeks they took over 1944 west 4 th Avenue and with a lot of help from friends and family Fable started to take shape. Exposed brick walls, wood beams reclaimed from the historic Cecil. Farm to table came to Kitsilano in 2012.

Fast forward almost ten years and Fable welcomes Chris Buller the new executive chef who has taken the mantle to lead the culinary team. Each day the food for our guests is prepared from scratch for the night’s dinner service by Chris and his talented Fable team from the local ingredients that arrive at our door.


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Every day 9am-2pm


Sunday, Monday & Thursday nights 5:30pm-9:00pm

Friday & Saturday 5pm-9:30pm


Reservation priority is given to requests past the current day sent to food@fablekitchen.ca or a DM to our twitter account after you have asked us to follow you. Provide name, contact phone number, number in party and request for date and time. Your reservation is not confimed until you receive a response via phone or email! Day of reservations are best made by phone, we may not access email past noon.


We will never over book the room as we want save space for our neighbors, friends, Gordon Ramsay and anyone who wants to wander in to Fable. Our goal is to ensure that our quality of food and level of service are consistent every night of the week and anytime during service. We may limit the size and time of any request in order to maintain our standards.